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in-cosmetics global 2024: What’s new from our partners?



Welcome to our in-cosmetics 2024 preview

We are thrilled to be back and exhibiting in Paris, and you can find us on Stand 1U41, where we will be promoting our Cetpro® range and exhibiting alongside ProTec Botanica

Our team will be on hand to talk you through the new launches, introduce you to our partners or discuss any upcoming projects.  

In anticipation of the show, please find below what our partners will be showcasing this year.

Cargill Beauty

Cargill Beauty has prepared a pre-show promotion, which can be found here. In addition to two new product launches, BotaniDesign™ and Actigum™ Care, they will also be presenting their new Emollient Mapping Tool. You can discover their full portfolio here

You can discover more about Cargill Beauty at Booth 1D70.

Join them on 17th April, 13:35-14:05pm in Theatre 3 for their technical talk. 

This year, Cetpro® will be promoting ingredients from their Vitamin C Derivative and Organic UV Filter ranges

You can discover more about Cetpro® at Booth 1U41.

In the spotlight this  year, Codif’s new launch is Sensory Apple Pomace, which is their first functional ingredient and can be considered a green alternative to PMMA. Codif will also be highlighting Regetaste. Both ingredients are upcycled from the beverage industry.

Every day, Codif will present Sensory Apple Pomace on a large screen at their booth at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. You can book one of those 10-minute sessions  here.

You can discover more about Codif at Booth 1P108.

Join them on 18th April, 14:10-14:40pm in Theatre 3 for their technical talk.

Contipro will display a selection of active ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid,  HA-OIL,   and Zinnerine. Their ingredients’ benefits  include soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, and improving skin barrier.  

You can discover more about  Contipro at  Booth  1 G108.

Join them on 16th April, 14:45-15:15pm in Theatre 1 for their technical talk. 

Prepare to witness Cosphatec’s latest innovation , an antioxidant of unrivalled effectiveness. This product offers a wide range of applications and contains a trendy raw material.

You can discover more about Cosphatec at Booth 2F88.

At Innovacos, this year’s focus will be  PolyAquol-2W, a versatile emulsifier, through four formulations demonstrating different textures. Visitors can experience this at their sensory bar.  New clinical results will  alsobe shared on Plant C-Stem Bamboo, enhancing eyelashes and eyebrows, and innollient SB , improving skin barrier function, 

You can discover more about Innovacos at Booth 2B60.

Stepping into the limelight this year, EverCare will focus on two key products from their Zano® range, Zano®20 and Zano® 20 Plus. They will have three new formulations, including an all-natural daily SPF 30, a mineral SPF 30 roll-on, and a mineral smooth SPF cream to powder. 

You can discover more about EverCare at Booth 1X89.

Lipoid Kosmetik is excited to launch two new products: PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin, an innovative, natural active for antioxidant protection and anti-ageing formulations and BakuLipid , a distinctive blend of bakuchiol and phospholipids for visibly clearer, younger skin. They will also highlight their Immortelle Oil Pro and newly relaunched usNeo.

You can discover more about Lipoid Kosmetik  at Booth 1H35

New for 2024, Micro Powders are excited to announce their two new personal care launches. Naturecel 793 is a  naturally derived ultrafine Cellulose Acetate powder, an ideal talc replacement with multi-functional benefits,  and Naturebead White H20, the latest addition to the Colour By Nature™ series, which is a bright white 20 mesh exfoliant. 

You can discover more about Micro Powders at Booth 1P30.

Discover Oat Cosmetics’ latest breakthroughs and ingredient insights. Learn more about the science behind their cutting-edge advancements and the data that supports them. This year Oat Cosmetics will continue to promote Rejuvaveen and Oat Lipid e

You can discover more about Oat Cosmetics at Booth 2D90.

Join them on 16th April, 16:35-17:05pm in Theatre 3 for their technical talk. 

Oleon will focus mainly on their enzymatic produced esters, their novel production method to produce esters with a lower carbon footprint. 

In the innovation zone, they will show their green DPG (propylene glycol), used mainly as a solvent for perfume. 

We also recommend that you visit their booth, as they will, like every year, display a set of formulations with interesting textures.

ProTec Botanica will  display  a selection of personal care fragrances from their florentis brand that highlights current fragrance trends, along with their floviva branded range of essential oils, focussing on olfactive categories.

You can discover more about ProTec Botanica at Booth 1U41.

Sun Chemical this year will be showcasing its newly launched product, Sacranex™, a lab-grown active ingredient derived from Nori, a blue-green algae. This product has a range of skincare benefits that can be discovered on their website here

Sun Chemical will also present their colour travel pigments, Reflecks MultiDimensions and SunSHINE colour travel

Finally, they will show their latest innovation, SunPURO Natural Carotene BTO, a natural beta carotene colourant created by white biotechnology, using a process involving extraction of fermented blakeslea trispoa. The result is a deep orange-red vibrant colour  that supports sustainable practices. Sun Chemical will have a selection of formulations on their stand to demonstrate its capabilities as a colourant.

You can discover more about Sun Chemical at Booth 1G39.

At in-cosmetics this year, Worlee are showcasing a range of aqueous pigment dispersions, WorléeColor Eco, developed to meet your requirements for sustainability, efficiency, and performance.

You can discover more about Worlee at Booth 1J118.

This year Winkey are launching two new products. WinPep® Sparin is  an innovative peptide derived from Sphingobacterium lipoprotein, crafted using advanced CADD technology. It targets the PAR-2 receptor to soothe skin, reduce sensitivity, relieve redness, and fortify the skin barrier. Discover more here

Winkey will also be  promoting WActive®Multi-Calm.  Drawing from ancient Chinese botanical wisdom, WActive®Multi-Calm incorporates three plant extracts from varying altitudes. This ingredient  seeks to soothe skin sensitivity, alleviate pain and itchiness, and diminish redness. Additionally, it bolsters skin resilience, revealing a revitalised complexion. Discover more here. 

You can discover more about Winkey at Booth 1R178.