Cellcon is a peptide designed to specifically stimulate production of the desmosomal protein desmoglein-1, one of the main components of desmosomes, the specialized cell junctions. By supporting the inter- and intracellular connection of keratinocytes epidermal cells, Cellcon helps to improve the integrity of the epidermis and enhances its biological functions.

Desmosomes in aged skin

Desmosomes are disc-shaped protein complexes assembled at the plasma membrane that play a key role in the attachment of cells to each other. Their premature degradation is a common sign of aged skin (Hachem et al., 2003; Oender et al., 2008). Desmoglein 1, as one of the key components of desmosomes, is a transmembrane protein that bridges the external space between adjacent cells and is linked to the intracellular keratine microfilaments. In this way, it provides stability and cohesion to the epidermal ‘‘brick wall” that resists mechanical stresses. Beside its adhesion function, it is also critical for proper epidermal stratification and cell differentiation (Getsios et al., 2009).

From the cosmetic point of view the structure of desmosomes has been shown to contribute significantly to the water barrier function of the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the epidermis (Rawlings et al., 1995; Kalia et al., 1996); therefore its improvement might have a beneficial effect on the skin’s waterholding capacity, which is responsible for its softness and smoothness. Moreover, the enhancement of the epidermal structure has positive impacts on the firmness, toning and overall appearance of the skin as well as on its protection against environmental stresses.

INCI: sh-Hexapeptide-1 (and) Hyaluronic Acid (and) Phosphate Buffered Saline