This edition focuses on formulations specially designed to help reduce the effect of pollution on your skin. You can download each of the featured formulations, and samples are available on request.

Charcoal Clay MaskPALJ4CK001This purifying clay gives your skin a fresh, healthy looking glow. Harnessing the benefits of mineral-rich clays and purifying Charcoal. Herbashield URB has a pronounced anti-pollution effect and efficient detoxification activity to help deliver incredibly smooth, luminous skin.
Refreshing Cleansing MilkM4RK0001Gently removes makeup and impurities from your skin leaving it clean and clear. Moisturising Moringa Butter helps with the skins elasticity and suppleness. This cleanser is suitable for combination or oily skin and should be used every day, morning and evening.
Pollution Protection Day CreamPALP4UL001A feather light day cream to shield the skin from daily pollutants and drying of the skin. The active ingredients are HerbaProtect NOX to protect against UV induced sun damage.
Cityguard+ forms a second skin to protect against pollution induced antiaging.
Sprayable Make-Up & Pollution RemoverPALJ0S4001Formulated to gently remover all traces of Make-Up and pollution. The easy to use spray format is gentle and effective leaving you with super clean residue free skin.
Gentle Cleansing Micellar WaterPALJ4CK001An efficient and gentle way to cleanse away makeup and pollution leaving the skin feeling soothed and hydrated. The micelles gently lift away Make-up and impurities from the skin. Pantrofina Skin 360 protects the skin from the oxidative stress caused by daily pollution and UV exposure.
Anti-Pollution NightPALJ0HN001
A breakthrough night cream which fights signs of ageing by brightening skin, evening skin tone and correcting the damage caused by environmental pollution over night. The emollient rich formula helps strengthen the barrier function of the skin while you sleep. The active ingredient is EPS WHITE which has an action inhibiting the formation of pigmentory synapses to reduce melanin transfer.