This edition gives a special focus to Cetpro Style AMPS as well as introducing Innovacos’s Formulience range of emulsifiers and emolients. You can download each of the featured formulations and as always, samples are available on request.

Hair GelPALK3N3D4A crystal clear hair gel suitable for any style. With Cetpro Style AMPS for humidity resistance.
Gives all day long-lasting flexible hold.
Pomade#016ROAAA product for shine and definition with medium hold and flexible hold.
Soft PuttyPAL013ISSLProTec Soft Putty with Cetpro Style AMPS for tamed and clean cut styles. A non sticky formulation
which leaves no residue applying a flexible hold.
Styling Clay#08JJSHAdds the texture and volume of a wax without the greasiness and shine. For total control over your style.
Our Clay adds body and thickness making the hair feel fatter and look fuller.
Styling Cream#09DWGAOur Cream is light and creamy, formulated to give your hair a soft and silky hold that smooth's frizz and
tames flyway's. It gives a natural looking hold, low shine, great for controlling long hair frizz.
Styling Paste#011MARI
Texturising paste for tamed and clean cut styles. For all day mouldable, medium hold.
Non-sticky, non-greasy, no visible residue no-stiffness. Groomed, effortless style.
Surf Matt#010MODIGet the surf style look! Whether tousled, dishevelled, tame or straight!
Easy to apply It absorbs readily into the hair with out any unpleasant residue.