VEGETABLE EMULSIFIER (OIL IN WATER) BODY BUTTERPAL01BBV0WThis luxurious, indulgent Body Butter melts into the skin leaving it feeling smooth and revitalised. With EFP biotek Vegetable Emulsifier (Oil in Water).
Perfect Skin Energising SerumD4NC3RWith Early Boost PE a new* Active Ingredient based on Vegetable Taurine. It has a unique energising action it acts to reduce the signs of fatigue including bags and shadows. It also has a restructuring effect and reduces wrinkles by up to 15%. After a single application the moisturising effect can be as much as 44%.
Perfect Skin Mattifying SerumBL1TZATC213Your first stop for oil free skin. With EPS SEAMAT P1.5 for an immediate mattifying effect. PoreAway visibly reduces the appearance of pores creating a smooth matte finish. Gelmatte 511 is an oil based dispersions adding to the mattified effect on the skin.