Method of Manufacture

Into the main vessel add:
Start the mixer on a moderate speed.
Cosphaderm® PA ECONATMix until dissolved.
Cosphaderm® Sodium pAS naturalMix until dissolved.
AMYLOMER™ HA NIMix until dissolved.
Cosphaderm® X softMix until dissolved.Heat to 70-75C
When the product is at 75C, into the main vessel add:
Floraesters® K-100 Jojoba
Add the following in a suitable sized vessel:
Emulsun®Heat to 70-75C
Reduce the mixer speed to slow.
When both phases are at 70-75C: Add the premix into the main vessel.
Homogenise for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes start cooling the product to 23C.
When the product is below 40C, into the main vessel add:
Cosphaderm® LA-TMix until homogenous.
Check the product specifications.

Product Specifications

Viscosity10-20,000 cps RVT 4, 12/30
AppearanceLow viscosity, opaque, fluid emusion