Capibiome rebalances the entire microbiota (bacteriobiota and mycobiota) to soothe irritated scalp and reduce dandruff .

The microbiota of the scalp mainly consists of the well-known yeast Malassezia and a bacterial population dominated by Propionibacteria. These two populations then interact with each other. Scientists stress that the appearance of dandruff is correlated to an imbalance in these 2 ecosystems.

Capibiome has been designed to:

1- Soothe sensitive and irritated scalp. It contains lavender floral water which can activate the release of soothing molecules – beta-endorphins. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties: 30% protection against the release of inflammatory mediator PGE2.

2- Rebalance the bacterial ecosystem and the population of Malassezia. First of all it contains an exopolysaccharide known for optimising communication between micro-organisms. Then amino acids of marine origin including lysine, which has a beneficial effect on the bacterial microbiome to restore the health of the scalp.

PhaseRaw ingredient / Trade nameINCI Name%
APLANTAPON 611C (NOUVEAU PH) (1) 22.00Sodium laureth sulfate & Aqua & Cocamidopropyl betaine & Coco-glucoside22
TEXAPON NSO UP (1)Aqua & Sodium laureth sulfate8.89
LAMESOFT P065 (1)Aqua & Coco-glucoside & Glyceryl oleate & Citric acid & Tocopherol & Hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate4.00
EDETA BD (1)Disodium edta0.10
EUXYL PE 9010 (3)Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin0.95
MICROCARE SB (4)Aqua & Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate0.05
CMERQUAT 7 SPR (5)Aqua & Polyquaternium-7 & Sodium benzoate 1.00
DMONTANOX 20 (6)Polysorbate 201.00
ANTIOXYGENE WL 3036 (7)Caprylic/capric triglyceride & Propyl gallate & Citric acid & Tocopherol0.10
ECHLORURE DE SODIUM (2)Sodium chloride1.20
FCAPIBIOME PE (8)Aqua & Maris aqua & Glycerin & Laminaria digitata extract & Phenoxyethanol & Chlorella vulgaris extract & Saccharide isomerate & Ethylhexylglycerin & Lavandula stoechas extract0.60

(1) A.M.I ; (2) QUARON ; (3) SCHÜLKE & MAYR ; (4) THOR ; (5) UNIPEX ; (6) SEPPIC; (7) GATTEFOSSE FRANCE SA ; (8) CODIF Technologie Naturelle

• Dissolve the B materials in a deflocculator or in a standard mixer until completely uniform.
• Add the A materials one by one, checking solubility after each one has been added.
• Mix gently for 10 minutes.
• Add C in a deflocculator or standard mixer and mix for 5 minutes.
• Add pre-mixture D in a deflocculator or standard mixer and mix for 5 minutes.
• Add E in a deflocculator or standard mixer and mix for 5 minutes.
• Add F and emulsify at 2500 rpm for 15 minutes.
• Check the pH.