• Olive squalene waxOlive Squalene Waxes are waxes present in the unsaponifyable fraction of Olive Oil (vegetable origin).
  • Mechanically extracted and purified, Olive Squalene Waxes are additive and preservative free.
  • Rich in Squalene, natural Tocopherols, Sterol Esters and Triterpene Alcohols, it has
    amazing interactions with skin metabolism.
  • Complies with organic and ecological standards.
  • Can be approved by ECOCERT for use in cosmetics.
  • Semi-transparent glossy wax.
  • Medium melting point.

Excellent compatibility with the skin

  • the waxes’ structure mimics the stratum corneum matrix organisation (“bricks-and-mortar”), by creating a multilayer lamellar (Norlen, 2001); This similarity means an exceptional compatibility with the skin, improving active molecules penetration.

Skin Protection (penetrates the skin where it can act as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant):

  • Easily penetrates the upper layer of the stratum corneum, diffuses its active molecules into the lamellar structure of the intercellular matrix and interacts to maintain the barrier function. Great spreadability, skin feel and skin absorption.

Skin Structuring (structural role in the lipidic cement of the stratum 
corneum) and Soothing properties:

  • Squalene, natural tocopherols, sterol esters and triterpene alcohols rich.Skin Health
  • Penetrating in the deep skin dermal layers, it helps maintaining it in healthy conditions

Thickening and gel-forming properties (oil phases and silicone)

  • The highest thickening effect is observed with fatty alcohols, triglycerides and esters of high polarity while a lower effect is observed with hydrocarbons
  • high gelling effect with some oils, providing a creamy, butter-like structure.

Olive Squalene Waxes is ECOCERT certified

INCI: Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil Unsaponifyables