Method of Manufacture

Premix the following in a suitable sized vessel:
Sodium Laureth Sulphate 27%
Floramac® 10Mix until homogenous.
Into the main vessel add:
Start the mixer on a moderate speed.
Cosphaderm® Sodium pAS naturalMix until dissolved.
AMYLOMER CAT 531Mix until dissolved.
Sodium ChlorideMix until dissolved.
Reduce the mixer speed to slow.
Add the premix into the main vessel, then mix until uniform and homogenous.
Into the main vessel add:
Cider VNGR+®Mix until dissolved.
Cosphaderm® LA-TMix until dissolved.
Cocamidopropyl BetaineMix slowly until the product is completely homogenous and thick.
Check the product specifications.

Product Specifications

Viscosity10-20,000 cps RVT 3, 12/30
AppearanceLow viscosity, clear, liquid