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What’s new this Spring? 🌼

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to take a look at what our partners have been up to so far this year with their new launches, data and other exciting points of interest! Click the button at the end of this email to see everything new from our partners, and if you have any […]

Floratech: NEW functional benefits for Barrier Ointment and Barrier Balm applications

Floratech Product Functions #29 is Reduced Skin Redness with Floraesters®, including NEW functional benefits for Barrier Ointment and Barrier Balm applications. Our new clinical studies are timely and compelling for your customers developing skin barrier protection products to treat consumers suffering from “Covid-Dermatitis”.  Floraesters are plant-derived, multi-functional emollients offering skin barrier protection and skin barrier recovery benefits. All Floraesters featured in this Product Functions are […]

Hair Protection with Floraesters K-20W Jojoba and Floraesters K-100 Jojoba

The film-forming properties of Floraesters K-20W Jojoba and Floraesters K-100 Jojoba make them ideal ingredients for rinse-off hair protection and conditioning products or to extend the time a leave-on treatment product remains active on the hair.  Textured hair requires special conditioning properties to help reduce wet comb force and frizz while increasing shine.  This Product Function includes new clinical studies defining […]

The Oat Cosmetics Essentials Formulation Kit

Oat Cosmetics have announced the launch of The Oat Essentials Kit, their all new trend-driven formulation range for 2020-21. This new line demonstrates the versatility of their portfolio of natural ingredients and highlights the ease with which their unique extracts, oils and flours can be used to enhance a range of everyday beauty essentials.  These highly effective […]

Introducing: Florasomes with Chloroxylenol (PCMX)

Floratech is introducing a new and innovative product to their Florasomes brand – Florasomes with Chloroxylenol (PCMX).  Florasomes PCMX delivers a persistent antimicrobial active directly to the skin and is easily suspended in a typical alcohol hand sanitiser gel or liquid hand soap/cleanser.  An alcohol hand sanitiser or non-alcohol cleanser containing these antimicrobial Florasomes can provide the following […]

Sunscreens made Better with Floraesters K20W Jojoba and Floramac 10

Sunscreens Made Better with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba and Floramac® Mac 10 is the newest chapter in the Floratech Product Functions series.  Floratech clinical and consumer preference data confirm these two Floratech ingredients greatly enhance the performance and consumer experience with mineral sunscreens and sunless tanners. Sunless tanners are increasing in popularity as consumers seek the appearance of tan skin without excessive exposure to UVA and […]

Tried & Tested Hand Sanitiser Formulations

We are fully aware that many of you are repurposing your manufacturing facilities to develop hand sanitiser for your local communities and health care providers.  We have put together a selection of formulations from our partners, including a guide from Floratech which has already been put through a full 12 weeks of stability, which essentially makes […]

New Clinical Information: Floramac 10 in Leave-in Hair Cream

Floratech have recently released some new clinical information on 5% Floramac 10 in a leave-in hair cream. Below are the new claim sheets and formulation showing the benefits that 5% Floramac 10 can bring to a leave-in hair cream versus 5% phenyl trimethicone. Below is also a summary of these benefits/results of the leave-in hair […]

New Clinical Information: Floraesters K-20W Jojoba in a Face Wash

Floratech have just released compelling new clinical information on 0.75% Floraesters K-20W Jojoba in a face wash application. Below are the new claim sheets (along with the formula) showing the benefits that 0.75% K-20W can provide in a face wash application. Here is a summary of these benefits/results of the face wash containing 0.75% Floraesters K-20W […]

COSMOS Formulation Showcase

For the 10th edition of our formulation showcase we have focused on some of our COSMOS ingredients from our portfolio. We have included products from our partners; Codif, Cosphatec, EFP Biotek, Floratech, Innovacos, Lipoid Kosmetik, Oat Cosmetics and ProTec Botanica. You can find our formulations below, if you’d like some more information, please use the […]