Founded in 2002, CODIF Technologie naturelle was born from a continuing search for technological innovation and a sincere, humane commitment. CODIF develops innovative active ingredients for cosmetics and continues to push back the limits of traditional technology, in order to provide active ingredients from the sea, plants and biotechnology that are totally new and feature ultra high performance.

ProductINCI/ DescriptionComments
3M3.Whiteris GGlycerin (and) Water (and) Dictyopteris polypodioides extractSkin whitening
ActibiomeWater (and) Seawater (and) Glycerin (and) Laminaria digitata extract (and) Chlorella vulgaris extract (and) Saccharide isomeratepH balancing with anti-redness.
Actiporine 8.GJania Rubens extractAnti-cellulite with multifunctional action
AlgowhiteAscophyllum nodosumSkin whitening, free radical scavenger
ArEAUmat Cistacea GCistus monspeliensisAnti-stinging, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory
ArEAUmat Lavanda GLavandula stoechasAnti-redness, anti-inflammatory, softening, post-sun treatments
ArEAUmat Perpetua GHelichrysum italicumAfter-shave products, depilatories, anti-swelling, soothing
ArEAUmat Samphira GCrithmum maritimumAnti-inflammatory, cooling
Aroleat LavandaLavandula stoechasSkin smoothness, phytooestrogen activity
Aroleat SamphiraCrithmum maritimumRetinol-like action, anti-wrinkle, mature skins
AtoligomerMaris salRemineralising
B-ShapeGlycerin (and) Water (and) Hydrolyzed rhodophyceae extractRedefine, reshape and refine your body even if you live a hectic life.
Bioactive Hydrofiltrat Statice GLimonium narbonenseAnti free radical, restorative action towards UVA & UVB
Buckwheat WaxPolygonum fagopyrumInhibition of lipogenesis, anti-puffiness
CapibiomeWater (and) Sea water (and) glycerin (and) Laminaria digitata extract (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Chlorella vulgaris extract (and) Saccharide isomerate (and) Ethylhexylglycerin (and) Lavandula stoechas extractPromotes scalp health and reduces the effect of dandruff.
CapiguardWater (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Furcellaria lumbricalis extractHair care active, repairs and protects hair against stress
Cityguard+Sea water (and) aqua (and) hydrolyzed algin (and) phenoxyethanol (and) sucrose
(and) ethylhexylglycerin
Pollution protection, tone heavy bags & sagging, under-eye wrinkles
Complexe AlgomarinLaminaria digitataRemineralising
Concentre CorallineCorallina officinalisImproves cellular cohesion, cell oxygenation
Corneosticker DSBentonite, Olive Oil Decyl Esters, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Hydrated Silica, Aqua, Lactic Acid, Squalane, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Maris Sal, TocopherolImmediate skin perfector. Cutaneous restructuring agent
CyWhiteGlycerin (and) Water (and) Cystoseira tamariscifolia extractCYWHITE targets molecules involved in the absorption of melanosomes by keratinocytes.
DermochlorellaChlorella vulgarisFirming, Protection of collagen, anti-wrinkle
DermosculptGlycerin (and) Water (and) Chlorella vulgaris extract (and) Sodium benzoate (and) Citric acid.Supplies all the amino acids elements to the collagen synthesis
Dictyopteris OilCaprylic/capric triglyceride (and) Dictyopteris membranacea ExtractLip plumping, bust volume-enhancing
Early BoostGlycerin (and) Water (and) Jania Rubens Extract (and) Sodium CarrageenanEnergising, Anti-ageing. The first ingredient based on vegetal Taurine.
Earth Marine WaterSea Water & GlycerinDetoxifying, hydrating & revitalising
EpidermistAqua, Saccharide Isomerate.Reboots The Physical And Chemical Barrier Of The Skin
EPS SEAFILLAqua, Alteromonas Ferment ExtractImmediate anti-wrinkle ingredient
EPS SEAMATAqua, Saccharide IsomerateImmediate mattifying ingredient
EPS WhiteSaccharide isomerate
Treatment of dark spots, pollution-induced dark spots
GoldellaCaprylic/capric triglyceride (and) Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil (and) Chlorella vulgaris extract (and) Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extractRich in lutein, an essential natural antioxidant, Goldella nourishes and protects the tissues from the harmful action of free radicals and their effects on aging.
Gorse WaterUlex europaeusRelease of beta-endorphins, pain relief
HydranovAqua, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium CarrageenanAdvanced moisturisation, stimulation of epidermal Hyaluronic Acid
HydrasalinolSalicornia herbaceaStimulation of urea channels, hydration
Hydrofiltrat Marine Lotus GLotus maritimusAnti-free radical, lipolytic activity, enhances caffeine activity
Hydrofiltrat Menyanthes GMenyanthes trifoliataAnti-free radical, Vitamin C Protection
Hydrofiltrat Paniopsis GInula viscosaAnti-free radical, Protection against UVA & UVB
Hydrofiltrat Silena GSilena unifloraAnti-free radical, Protection against lipid peroxidation
Hydrofiltrat Statice GLimonium narbonenseAnti-free radical, Protective and restorative action against UVA & UVB
LakesisCaprylic/capric triglyceride (and) Pistacia lentiscus (mastic) GumIncreases Klotho synthesis for firmer, younger looking skin.
Matrigenics.14 GUndaria pinnatifida extract14 day anti-ageing by reactivating ECM-restructuring genes
NeuroguardHydrolysed AlginSkin neuroaging, anti-ageing, deep wrinkle reduction in 28 days
Neurolight.61 GPancratium maritimumAnti-dark spot neuroactive
PheohydraneHydrolysed algin, Chlorella vulgaris, maris aquaSustained long-term moisturisation
PheoslimPhyllacantha fibrosaSlimming
Phormiskin BioProTech GGlycerin, Maris aquaSlows skin ageing, increasing luminosity
Phyco R75 GLaminaria digitataLipolytic activity
PhycojuvenineLaminaria digitataProtection of mitochondrial DNA, anti-ageing
Phycosaccharide ACHydrolysed algin, Zinc sulfateAnti-acne, anti-dandruff
Phycosaccharide AIHydrolysed alginAnti-inflammatory, anti-redness
Phycosaccharide APHydrolysed alginProtection against cigarette smoke, substantive to hair
Pink PepperslimSchinus terebinthifoliusSlimming. Inhibits perilipin A synthesis
Raykami PDOWater (and) propanediol (and) Artemisia capillaris flower extractComplexion radiance & anti-ageing
Rhodofiltrat Palmaria GPalmaria palmataBoosts microcirculation, anti-dark circles
RHODYSSEYWater (and) Sea water (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae extractPromotes skin hydration
Salsothin GSuaeda maritima extractSlimming active, adipo-minimiser
Samphira Oil BioactiveCaprylic/capric
triglyceride (and)
Crithmum maritimum
SAMPHIRA OIL BIOACTIVE is a retinoid-like coming from a seaside plant; the rock samphire, same targets as Retinol.
ScoparianeSphacelaria scopariaInhibition of adipocyte differentiation
SilenageGlycerin (and) Water (and) Saponins (and) Mineral saltAnti-ageing for active skins
Skinperf LWGAqua, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Citric Acid, Xathan GumSkin resurfacing, Corrects and renews. Optimised AHA delivery
StoechiolLavandula stoechasQuick skin lifting, anti-wrinkle
ThalitanHydrolysed algin, Magnesium sulfate, Manganese sulfateAnti-free radical, tan enhancing
WakapampCaprylic/capric triglyceride (and) Undaria pinnatifida extractPromotes skin hydration and increased skin comfort