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Sun Chemical Performance Pigments offers a broad portfolio of pigments, including classical, high performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent, preparations, and synthetic mica pearls. Sun Chemical provides customers with solutions tailor-made for their individual needs and requirements in the coatings, cosmetics, digital, merchant ink, plastics and specialities markets.

INTENZA® Generation I&IIIntense chroma and unique interference effects.
INTENZA® Generation IIIPearlescent pigments for cosmetic applications offering bold effects and flexibility.
INTENZA® Glitter and SoftThese new additions to Sun Chemical™s INTENZA family continue to be a synergistic combination of FDA certified organic pigments and respectively large particle and very small particle synthetic mica based pearls.
SPECTRAFLEX® Focus PigmentsSoft focus and iridescent effect pigments.
SpectraFLEX IllusionSun Chemical™s patented and unique process to surface treat talc with titanium dioxide results in a new soft focus functional effect pigment for use in corrective make-up and skin care.
SunCROMA® An extensive range of organic and inorganic pigments.
Soft-TexFacilitates easier pigment dispersion by controlling the particle size distribution and surface charge associated with pigments. Display greater colour strength when compared to conventional grades.
SunPUROThe SunPURO® Oxides carry the lowest heavy metal profile in the industry, far below European standard, E172 and FDA. COSMOS Aproved. Upcycled from waste material.
SunSHINE® Colour EffectsSynthetic mica pearlescent pigments for a mesmerizing look combining luster and clarity with chromaticity of absorption colour.
SunSHINE® Colour Travel EffectsPremium synthetic mica-based pearls offering unparalleled colour travel, luster and transparency to deliver a unique visual allure. When combined with conventional cosmetic pigments, striking colour transitions can be achieved.
SunSHINE Mystic BlackPearlescent, jet black shimmer for your cosmetics
SunSHINE® Soft EffectsUltrafine synthetic mica pearls that strike a unique balance between light transmittance and reflection to deliver a radiant look while minimising the appearance of surface imperfections.
SunSHINE® Spectral EffectsNext generation synthetic mica platform. Utilising a unique deposition process, these pigments possess greater clarity, luster and chroma than previously achievable.
SynMICA® FillersSynthetic fluorphlogopite for cosmetic applications. The clarity you require, the texture you desire.
Natural Wax Dispersions (NWD)100% natural vegetable derived carrier that has a luxurious skin feel. COSMOS Approved, Palm, GMO & Preservative free. Ideal forVegan & Halal products. Low dusting.
Castor Oil Dispersions (COD)Most popular dispersion for anhydrous formulations. 8 products available of the most popular FD&C colours and Iron Oxides.
Cosmetic Wax Dispersion (CWD) Dispersed in Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides and Hydrogenated Palm Glyceride. 10 products available, using inorganic colours.
Synthetic Wax Dispersion (SWD)Dispersed in a synthetic wax solution. 10 products available usingthe most popular FD&C colours and SunPuro Iron oxides.
New Effect Pigments
Chroma-Lite®Absorption-type effect pigments that combine bismuth crystals deposited on natural mica platelets blended with iron oxides and/ or organic colorants.
Biju®Biju® Ultra UFC is made of uniform and highly lustrous bismuth oxychloride crystals. Delivers highly reflective, high coverage metallic effect.
Reflecks™Inclusive range of high-quality effect pigments based on calcium sodium borosilicate, delivering dazzling sparkling and glittering rainbow of color. COSMOS approved.
Reflecks™ Colors A glass substrate with a 5 μm thickness creates a stunning glittering effect, available in interference and metallic colors.
Reflecks™ DimensionsA wholistic family offering a range of particles sizes and effects from luminous to glittering. The glass substrate is 1 μm thick for a softer texture and sophisticated sparkle. Available in interference, metallic, and blackened colors.
Reflecks™ MultiDimensions Color Travel Unique multi-layer effect pigments on glass flake deliver high-chroma color travel a sparkling to glittering effect. An expanding range, this family includes interference, metallic, and blackened products.
Chione™Line of synthetic mica-based effect pigments and performance minerals.
Chione™ HDA range of small particle size interference effects available in multiple colors delivering a satin finish. Ideal for skin care applications.
Chione™ Pixel Classic interference white in a sparkling to glittering finish.
Chione™ Electric An innovative family of metallic-like effect pigments that utilize multilayer technology to deliver vibrant high chroma color in a shimmering effect.
Chione™ CelestialMetallic effect pigments with a large particle size creating a sparkling to glittering effect; available in gold and rouge
Chione™ Galactic Metallic effect pigment with an extra-large particle size range that delivers ultra glittering effects. Ideal for a micro-plastic free PET glitter alternative.
Chione™ Astral Interference effect pigment with an extra-large particle size range that delivers ultra glittering effects. Ideal for a micro-plastic free PET glitter alternative.
Cellini®Absorption effect, providing intense color and shimmer. Combines FDA-approved pigments with titanium dioxide coated natural mica (100% USA sourced).
Cloisonné®Intense metallic-like effect pigments. Available in a spectrum of colors and effects, incorporating various coatings of inorganic and organic colorants and particle sizes. Based on 100% USA sourced mica.
Cloisonné® Satin Small particle size metallic effects available in bronze and rouge deliver a full coverage satin finish.
Cloisonné® Colors & Cloisonné® SuperA rainbow of rich metallic color in a luminous to shimmering effect.
Cloisonné® Vibrant Innovative multi-layer technology that creates bold, high-chroma color and a shimmering effect.
Cloisonné® Nu-Antique A unique collection of blackened effects using iron oxides, creating a luminous to shimmering effect available in classic metallics and colors.
Cloisonné® Sparkle The largest particle size family in the line, delivering a sparkling finish available in classic metallics, red and blue color.
Duocrome®A dynamic collection of metallic-like effect pigments. These effects offer a unique interplay between background and highlight colors, producing a distinctive two-toned look. Based on 100% USA sourced mica.
Flamenco®Line of products composed mostly of interference effect pigments, ranging in particle size, color, and intensity. Based on 100% USA sourced mica.
Flamenco® SilkSmall particle size interference effects available in many colors. Ideal for color and skin care applications.
Flamenco® Colors & Flamenco® SuperMedium particle size interference effect pigments provide a lustrous pearl effects in a rainbow of colors.
Flamenco® SummitFlamenco® Summit Intermediate particle size offering products with increased chromaticity, high purity, and clarity.
Flamenco® Sparkle Largest particle size grades creating a more sparking effect, available in classic pearlescent shades and interference colors .
Flamenco® TwilightBlackened metallic-like effect pigment, available in red delivering a luminous to shimmering effect and high coverage.
Flamenco® PlatinumInnovative blackened metallic silver effect that embeds D&C Black 2 into the coating layers, high coverage metallic effect.
Gemtone®Rich and vibrant metallic-like effect pigments inspired by gemstones, deriving color and light from both interference and absorption pigments. Based on 100% USA sourced mica.
Timica®A diverse line of products with a range of effects, particle sizes, and finishes from satin to glittering. Based on 100% USA sourced mica.
Timica® Interference ColorsA range of pearlescent effects that deliver the classic white/ silver color and a rainbow of other colors in a range of particle sizes, from satin to glittering effects. Ideal for color cosmetics, skin care, and personal care applications.
Timica® Metallic Colors Metallic effects in a range of particle sizes and colors, delivering luminous to sparking effects.
Timica® Nu-AntiqueA blackened metallic effect pigment creating a luminous to shimmering effect, available in Bronze, Copper, and Silver colors.
Timica® TerraA range of absorption effect pigments in five colors, a small particle size delivers a satin effect. Ideal for creating skin tone shades for color cosmetic and hybrid applications.
MetalRay®A premium vacuum metallized aluminum slurry obtained by unique manufacturing technology that provide perfectly smooth and uniform flakes. Only approved for nail application. Ideal for a unique mirror-like effect.
New Performance Minerals and Cosmetic Fillers
Mearlmica®7 products, available in six particle sizes. Based on 100% USA
natural mica.
Bismuth Oxychloride Bi-Lite® | Pearl-Glo®Alternatives for titanium dioxide in some applications. Aid in texture, compressibility, and skin adhesion in powder formulations.
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Sun Chemical Natural Powders & Extracts

Product NameComments
Spirulina PowderACI-0101 Spirulina Powder ET-F is a microscopic alga with high levels of proteins, vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and antioxidants.
LinablueACI-0201 LINABLUE® G1-S is a natural phycocyanin derived from spirulina, a microscopic alga with high levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is also a natural antioxidant.
SunPURO® Natural AnnattoSunPURO® Natural Annatto O (oil soluble) and SunPURO® Natural Annatto A (aqueous) offer strong natural orange-red colors with some of the highest bixin and norbixin content on the market.
SunPURO® Natural ChlorophyllSunPURO® Natural Chlorophyll P (powder) and SunPURO® Natural Chlorophyll A (aqueous solution) derived from the Lincolnshire-grown grass and alfalfa.
SunPURO® Natural Vegetable BlackA unique dispersion from upcycled coconut shell waste, provides an intense colour (more intense than black iron oxide)
SunPURO® Natural CoconutA natural and milky opacifier for aqueous personal care formulations.

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