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New Clinical Information: Floramac 10 in Leave-in Hair Cream



Floratech have recently released some new clinical information on 5% Floramac 10 in a leave-in hair cream. Below are the new claim sheets and formulation showing the benefits that 5% Floramac 10 can bring to a leave-in hair cream versus 5% phenyl trimethicone.

Below is also a summary of these benefits/results of the leave-in hair cream containing 5% Floramac 10.

  • Reduced wet comb force 9 times more than the vehicle hair cream with 5% phenyl trimethicone
  • Increased hair shine almost 8 time more than the hair cream with 5% phenyl trimethicone without the use of heat, and greater than 2.5 times more with the use of heat
  • More than 80% of consumers preferred the leave-in hair cream with 5% Floramac 10 versus the 5% phenyl trimethicone