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Multi-Functional Talc Alternatives



Micro Powders design and manufacture innovative speciality micronised waxes, to help chemists and formulators achieve the performance demands that they require in their new products. 

Below, we take a look at all of their natural and synthetic alternatives to Talc. As always, if you’d like to find out more or request a sample, please do get in touch. 

If you’d like to set up an online meeting with ProTec Ingredia & Micro Powders, we’d also be happy to help facilitate this. 

Natural Fine Powders

Naturesoft 800 (Cellulose)

  • Absorbs 1.4X its weight in oil
  • Provides rapid absorption on the skin in emulsion systems

Naturesorb 1000 (Carnauba Wax/Calcium Silicate)

  • Absorbs 2.5X its weight in oil
  • Reduces greasy/oily aesthetics in formulation and on the skin

Biosoft 915 (Polyhydroxybutyrate)

  • Absorbs 1.4X its weight in oil
  • Mattifies with creamy aesthetics

Naturesoft 860R (Rice Bran Wax)

  • Oil binding properties provide pleasant aesthetics with added stability

Synthetic Fine Powders

Mattewax 511 (Polypropylene)

  • Proven mattifier in all applications
  • Attractive pricing

Micropoly 200 / 220 (Polyethylene)

  • Imparts creamy aesthetics 
  • Economical filler

Microsilk 422 (Synthetic Wax/Boron Nitride/Zinc Oxide)

  • Unique composite enhances slip, lubricity and coverage
  • Economical alternative to Boron Nitride and Nylon-12