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CODIF are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of their EPS Range. As part of the celebrations, they are releasing new data and webinars, which will be shared with you over the coming weeks. 

EPIDERMIST: The Healthy Ingredient for the Skin.

EPIDERMIST is a POST BIOTIC obtained from a Marine ExoPolySaccharides produced by a micro-organism isolated from the Aber Benoit (Brittany, France).

Thanks to its protective properties, the skin is shielded from pathogens and infectious agents.

Natural source of nutrients for the skin microbiota, EPIDERMIST strengthens the skin’s defences by stimulating innate immunity.

By acting on the epidermal differentiation processes, it promotes the total renewal of the barrier function.


  • Reduces the reactivity of the skin -37%
  • Softens the skin texture and improves its renewal. Smoothes roughness -19%
  • New skin effect: the skin is healthier (observed by 73% of volunteers)