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EFP Biotek: Douro Valley Grape Seed Oil



We’re excited to bring to market, along with our partner EFP Biotek, the Douro Valley Grape Seed Oil. From one of the most exclusive grapes in the world, this is an outstanding cosmetic & food-grade oil. 

Douro Valley is a protected designation of origin, when we talk about wine. 
It corresponds to the world-famous Douro River Valley, in Portugal, where the Port Wine grapes grow (and where port wine is produced) in a very particular micro-climate. Douro Valley grapes are the only grapes in the world which can give origin to Port Wine. 

EFP Biotek selects and buys the best grape seeds from the port wine producers in the Douro Valley. Its COSMOS / Ecocert Douro Valley Grape Seed Oil is then carefully cold extracted from the port wine grape seeds, without the use of solvents. It is refined at very low temperatures, preserving all its interesting properties. Being rich in polyphenols, this high purity oil is a powerful antioxidant. 

EFP Biotek’s recently launched Sustainability Commission meets every quarter to bring new ideas to the table for immediate implementation. They are dedicated to the preservation of the natural world, green packaging solutions and eco-friendly procurement. EFP Biotek buys waste products and turns them into novel products, such as the Douro Valley Grape Seed Oil.