As part of CODIF’s celebrations for the 10th anniversary of their EPS range, we’re pleased to present their new data for EPS SEAFILL. 


A marine POST BIOTIC, hyaluronic acid-like action filler.

EPS SEAFILL is a POST BIOTIC obtained from marine ExoPolySaccharides produced by a micro-organism isolated in the Rade of Brest (Brittany, France).

It acts on the skin’s surface for an immediate smoothing and filling effect.

Assimilating and metabolised by the skin microbiota, EPS SEAFILL also acts biologically. Its composition in sugars is similar to Hyaluronic acid. It allows it to boost Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and bind to its receptors for a “Hyaluronate like” action. EPS SEAFILL thus densifies the skin mattress.


  • Smoothens skin relief within 15 min: up to -17%
  • Fills in wrinkle immediately-4,5% depth
  • Redensifies the skin mattress

After 2 weeks:

  • Wrinkles of fatigue are smoothed (observed by 90% of volunteers)
  • Skin is retightened (observed by 93% of volunteers)
  • Skin grain is smoother (observed by 98% of volunteers)