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Oat Cosmetics – New Data for AvenaPLex!



We are excited to share Oat Cosmetics’ new in-vivo study for AvenaPLex, with results once again proving AvenaPLex to be revolutionary for ageing skin.  

Oat Cosmetics tested AvenaPLex’s ability to PROTECT & REPAIR STRESS-INDUCED SKIN REDNESS, and the results are amazing!

Below are Miravex 3D images showing the visual difference in the repairing performance on untreated skin compared to skin treated with 2% Competitor Product and 1.4% AvenaPLex.

UV radiation and pollution induce harmful oxidative stress, which degrades the skin’s structure and stimulates the appearance of inflammation factors resulting in skin redness.

The application of AvenaPLex, after irradiation, limits the appearance of skin redness. When applied before the irradiation, AvenaPLex reduces the appearance of redness more quickly.

To find out more, please download the data pack below or feel free to get in contact.

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