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We are thrilled to highlight how Gräfe Chemie’s Amylomer range benefits the skin. 

Amylomers are liquid additives made from potato starch. Only the smallest amount of these ingredients is needed to create excellent skin and hair conditioning performance.  

Choosing Amylomer products allows formulators to modify and simultaneously improve their formulations with plant-based alternatives rather than synthetic raw materials.

Advantages of Amylomer: 

  • No effect on product viscosity. 
  • Low inclusion levels. 
  • Effective and noticeable performance. 
  • Compatible with existing conditioner systems. 
  • Easy to use in both laboratory and production. 
  • Biodegradable. 

Benefits of Amylomer products in Skin Cleansing formulations: 

  • Improves foam quality and texture.  
  • Improves foam stability. 
  • Contributes to better cleansing ability. 
  • Reduces skin irritation from surfactants/soaps. 
  • Gentle and mild formulas. 
  • Effectively cleanses dirt residue. 


Gräfe Chemie conducted an IN-VIVO study with 20 individuals, which focused on the effects of skin hydration when using 1.5% Amylomer HA-NI. 

The study proved that after using 1.5% of Amylomer HA-NI, the skin’s hydration increased by 14.7% in 7 days and 18.5% after 14 days. 

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