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Cargill Beauty’s Carrageenan Range



We are delighted to showcase Cargill Beauty’s Carrageenan range.

Cargill Beauty has one of the widest ranges of commercially available Carrageenan’s, employing proven production processes and using a large variety of different types of red seaweed.

Cargill Beauty’s nature-derived products are responsibly sourced, bringing the best of the ocean to you for amazing textures and sensory performance.

Carrageenans are made of natural polysaccharides with sulfated galactose units. Below is more information on two of the main families: Kappa and Iota.

Satiagel™ VPC 614 is based on Kappa carrageenan.

Key points: 

  • Strong and brittle gel with a short texture in the presence of electrolytes.
  • Smooth film forming.
  • Transparent.
  • Fresh sensory feel.
  • Thermoreversible.

Satiagel™ VPC 508 P is made of Iota carrageenan.

Key points:

  • Elastic gelling agent.
  • ​​​​​​Transparent.
  • Fresh sensory feel.
  • Film forming.
  • Thermoreversible.
  • Thixotropic behaviour.

Satiagel™ UTH 18 is a Pharma Grade carrageenan. 

Benefits of adding Carrageenan within your formulations:  

  • The shear-thinning rheological profile of carrageenans creates an easy to apply sensory experience. 
  • Carrageenan produces homogeneous thin films which can immediately smooth the skin by up to 40%.** 
  • Using Carrageenan can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines. Micro folds are reduced by up to 16% for more instant, healthier-looking skin** 

The products use the INCI Carrageenan*, thus saving label space and protecting from easy imitation.  

Using Satiagel and Satiagum products in combination allows for all types of formulation, from low viscosity fluids and lotions to rich unctuous creams and solid jellies.   

Satiagel™ VPC 508 P works synergistically with Cargill Beauty’s StarDesign™ Starch series. 

*Chondrus crispus extract China, according to IECIC 2021. 
** 1% Satiagel VPC 614.

To help ensure a long-term sustainable red seaweed supply chain, Cargill Beauty has launched the Red Seaweed Promise™ a program is specifically designed to address key sustainability challenges for the harvesting and cultivation of red seaweed. Helping seaweed producers and their communities to achieve better incomes and living standards striving for a sustainable and transparent global red seaweed supply chain. 

If you would like to find out more, please download the brochure below or get in touch.