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Innovacos Actives: New Data!



We are delighted to present to you new data from Innovacos. Today we will be highlighting:

GinsenoLite™-G is an extract of Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) rich in bioactive components ginsenosides. Ginsenosides have a structure similar to that of plant polyphenols which are the plant’s defence mechanism. 

GinsenoLite™-G prevents skin melanocytes from producing and accumulating melanin pigments by affecting the associated biological pathways and is clinically proven to brighten the skin.


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Plant C stem Vigna radiata 
Plant C stem Vigna radiata is a vacuolar extraction of plant stem cells and cell metabolites from the leguminous plant Vigna Radiata. In nature, V. radiata is resistant to harsh environments such as drought, hypersalinity and UV radiation. It alters its metabolic pathways, enabling it to respond to extreme conditions. Innovacos have harnessed the power of this plant “serum”, which plays an essential role in protecting the skin against environmental stress factors such as UV.


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Bioptimized Guava
Bioptimized™ Guava is an extract of Guava leaves “biologically optimised” with Saccharomyces lysate to enhance its biological properties. Bioptimized™ Guava is a unique biotechnology-derived ingredient that targets the numerous pathways associated with skin cell senescence.

Senescence is a process by which a cell ages and permanently stops dividing as a response to damage from UV radiation, chemicals, inflammation and oxidative stress. Senescence occurs to prevent the proliferation of dysfunctional, transformed or aged cells. Skin cells become senescent by “freezing themselves up” in a state of non-proliferation but remain metabolically active. This has a negative impact on the look and health of the skin.

New In-Vivo data and studies!

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ReGENESEA™ LS is a bioactive aqueous extract of the algae Laminaria saccharina, which is sustainably harvested from the cold waters of the North Atlantic. During the summer, it accumulates nutrients and polysaccharides needed to survive the harsh winter season. By harvesting in the autumn, Innovacos collect and extract these nutrients for use in ReGENESEA™ LS.

ReGENESEA™ LS stimulates epidermal differentiation. This skin cell renewal activates the chemicals related to keratinocyte differentiation. Reversing the effect of ageing at a gene expression level. ReGENESEA™ LS promotes cellular rejuvenation and activates holistic epidermal reactivation.

New In-Vivo data and test!

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