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in-cosmetics global 2023: What’s new from our partners?



Welcome to our in-cosmetics global 2023 preview.

Spring is almost in the air, as is in-cosmetics global. Below is a preview of our exciting launches and new ingredients information. We are exhibiting in Barcelona on Stand L11 and are sharing the space with our sister company ProTec Botanica. Please feel free to pop by and see David, Andy and Dean.

Our sales and technical teams will be on hand for meetings and to introduce you to our partners.

Cargill Beauty – Stand M80
Cargill Beauty has three new launches and new data on their Sclerotium gum, Carrageenans and Floramac 10.

BotaniButter™ is a nature-derived creamy wax emollient ester which enhances skin hydration, promotes skin barrier protection and boosts skin barrier recovery. 

CocoaDesign™ is a range of two 100% nature-derived and sustainably sourced cocoa esters that provide unique textures and sensorial benefits in various cosmetic applications:

CocoaDesign™-S: Rich texture with a unique freshness as it “melts” on the skin, leaving a light, cushiony film. 

CocoaDesign™-L: Emollient smooth, silky sensory feel as a light and dry oil, similar to a low-viscosity silicone. 

You can find these at the Innovation Zone!

Cetpro – Stand L11
There are some new additions to our Cetpro range: Cetpro MLT (Melatonin), a potent antioxidant, Cetpro HA-CAT (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate) a hair moisture active, and Cetpro VP4 (Troxerutin) an active with multiple anti-ageing benefits.

CODIF Technologie Naturelle – Stand AE50
CODIF Technologie Naturelle will launch J-Dermist, an anti-gravity active ingredient that restructures the cellular matrix and the dermal-epidermal junction. J-Dermist redensifies the skin into supportive fibres helping it to better resist gravity. 

Contipro – Stand C80
Contipro are hosting a technical seminar. Dr. Iva Dolečková will be presenting ‘Hyaluronic acid in oil for skincare, haircare and decorative cosmetics.’ 
Tuesday at 15:40 pm in Theatre 2. Don’t miss out!

Cosphatec GmbH – Stand AA60
Cosphatec GmbH are launching a new antimicrobial ingredient with stabilisation and humectant benefits. Full details will be revealed during the show. Please stop by to find out more!

Innovacos – Stand S31
Innovacos are proud to introduce Plant C stem Bamboo, a haircare active based on a stem cell culture from Phyllostachys pubescens shoots, to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss. More information will be available in the Innovation Zone.

Lipoid Kosmetik AG – Stand H31
Amaretine® offers an all-encompassing solution for the cosmetic treatment of sensitive skin by addressing aspects such as the impaired skin barrier, inflammation, and sensory discomfort simultaneously. 

LIPOID Liposome C Eco is an innovative natural product which combines the cosmetic benefits of Ascorbyl Glucoside with the excellent skin penetrating and rejuvenating properties of phospholipids and liposomes.

Micro Powders, Inc. – Stand AM41
Micro Powders, Inc look forward to introducing you to their new natural products.

Celscrub 20: A natural transitional exfoliant that adds a WOW effect to scrubs, soaps, lotions, and more. Initially exfoliates, then gradually disappears. Microplastic-free.

Naturecel 750: A natural fine powder for best-in-class soft focus and line filling. Ideal talc replacement, providing luxurious, silky sensorial effects! 

Oat Cosmetics – Stand AG10
Oat Cosmetics will be highlighting their most recent launchRejuvaveen. Rejuvaveen is a holistic active that protects against stress-related skin damage and addresses emotional wellbeing and natural ageing concepts.

Find out more on their stand and at the Innovation Zone.

Oleon – Stand AA80
Oleon are excited to further share their involvement in INCITE, a Europe-wide initiative for transitioning towards more sustainable chemistry practices based on enzyme technology. Jolee 7749ACT is the first of their materials to be produced in this innovative way, with a carbon footprint reduction of 30% compared to conventional production methods.

ProTec Botanica – Stand L11
ProTec Botanica are releasing the first ingredient from their new floactiv range. floactiv Skin BLB is an active ingredient created using carefully selected essential oils and vegetable oils for targeting spots and blemishes.

Sun Chemical – Stand AE40
Sun Chemical are showcasing their new SunPRIZMA™ range, consisting of 11 silica-based colour travel effect pigments.

Reflecks™ Dimensions Platinum G13CD, is a silver, sparkling, metallic-like effect pigment based on borosilicate. 

Flamenco® Summit Orange is a natural mica-based effect pigment with a bright orange interference colour and shimmering effects.

Worlee-Chemie GmbH – Stand F90
Worlee-Chemie GmbH would like to introduce their new bio-based ingredient WorléeSuspense ECO, suitable for a stable suspension of decorative and exfoliating particles with enhanced sensorial properties and transparent, uniform formulations. It’s the perfect solution for creating sustainable, high-quality cosmetic products. 

Winkey – Stand AL65
Winkey are highlighting their 100% plant-derived, COSMOS approved WActive® Camellia Squalane. This oil hydrates, supports, moisturises and maintains smooth and supple skin and leaves hair looking glossy and shiny. WActive® Camellia Squalane is derived from sustainable and renewable sources and has incredible, weightless spreadability, perfect for various personal care applications. 

If you have any questions about anything you have seen please get in contact.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona! 

If you would like to start a conversation with us, have any questions regarding our product portfolio or would like to request pricing and a sample, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.