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Indian Mint Oils



In support of our sister company ProTec Botanica, we are pleased to share their update on this year’s mint harvest and further information about mint oils.

Mint’s versatility offers fragrance and flavour in many applications, its characteristics making it a core ingredient for perfumers and flavour teams globally.  Personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and household industries all use mint oils for their natural characteristics, the feeling of freshness and cooling or the aromatic notes of herby and earthy

At present, the mint harvests are in progress. The peppermint and spearmint are close to completion, while the Arvensis harvest is halfway there and advancing quickly. We’re pleased to have received some pictures of the ongoing process. 

We are happy to hear that the farmers have installed four leaf distillation units in their factory and allow other farmers to use them for free. It’s fantastic that they are providing free electricity and water which is a huge help towards promoting sustainability and supporting the farmers in the community. 

Working with a long-established farmer group located in the main mint growing area of Bareilly, 440 farmers from the villages of Khajuria and Bhujia have the ability to yield 35,000kg of Peppermint piperita Oil; 10,000kg Mint arvensis Oil and 4,000kg Spearmint Oil.  This short supply chain from grower to end user is key in ensuring control of origin, harvest and production and we can offer both certified organic and 100% pure & natural conventional. The provenance and traceability assure ProTec Botanica’s position as a trusted source.