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Floraesters® – Unique Jojoba Esters



Floraesters® jojoba-derived emollients deliver a luxurious skin feel in many textures including liquid, paste and hard wax. Increase hydration and improve skin barrier function with Floraesters emollients in many product categories, such as creams, lotions, balms, masks, lipsticks, antiperspirants, sun care and hair care.

Floraesters® IPJ –  Deliver a pleasant sensory experience with this versatile emollient

Floraesters® IPJ is a jojoba-derived emollient blend for use in cosmetic preparations such as skin care, colour cosmetics and hair care. Floraesters® IPJ is a unique source of isopropyl jojoba (IPJ) esters and jojoba alcohol. This low viscosity-coupling agent provides a drier skin- feel during application with no oily residue.

Floraesters® 15 – The stable, functional liquid emollient

Floraesters® 15 provides jojoba emolliency, improved pigment wetting and carrying properties, and superior oxidative stability in the presence of iron oxide pigments. Floraesters 15 has a high affinity to hair. Floraesters 15 is a clear, colourless liquid of interesterified jojoba esters.

Floraesters® 20, 30, 60 – Protective, soothing wax esters

Floraesters® 20 provides jojoba emolliency and oxidative stability to skincare and colour cosmetics. Floraesters 20 is a soft, white, creamy paste of jojoba esters with a nongreasy, luxurious skin feel. Floraesters 20 reduces skin dryness, roughness and flakiness while increasing skin firmness.

Floraesters® 30, an interesterified form of jojoba esters, is a creamy paste with a breakpoint above skin temperature. Floraesters® 30 provides jojoba emolliency and oxidative stability to skincare and colour cosmetics.

Floraesters® 60 is an interesterified form of jojoba esters is a greaseless emollient designed to provide improved skin feel, stability and binding ability in the form of a firm, white paste. Studies show this product is fast absorbing, leaving the skin with a long-lasting treated feel without residue.

Floraesters® 70 – Stick strengthening, free flowing wax particles

Floraesters® 70 is a biodegradable, hard white wax of jojoba esters (or hydrogenated jojoba oil), delivered as free-flowing particles for ease of addition. Floraesters 70 strengthens stick formulations such as eyeliners, lipsticks, deodorants, and antiperspirants. Floraesters 70 has high-oxidative stability and is an odourless, non-tacky natural wax.