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The Most Comprehensive Colour Range in the Beauty Industry



We proudly offer the most comprehensive colour range in the beauty industry, including pigments, pearls, dyes and dispersion products for all cosmetic formulations courtesy of Sun Chemical. They come with various unique properties, including colours, particle sizes, transparency, glittering, etc. They also support many labels and certifications, including Vegan, RSPO, COSMOS, Halal and ISO 16128.

Sun Chemical offers one of the broadest ranges of synthetic mica effect pigments, including the following product lines: INTENZA® & SunSHINE®.

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite has no limitation on particle size, making it ideal for large particle size products and serving as an excellent alternative to PET glitter.


A renowned family of absorption effect pigments that deliver a powerful punch of colour in various finishes from satin to ultra glittering. They combine FDA-certified organic colours with synthetic mica pearlescent effect pigments, offering unrivalled intensity and a unique colour journey. Additionally, they provide superior bleed resistance and UV stability compared to blends of organic colours and effect pigments.

The product variety of the INTENZA® line increasing in particle size from small to large can be seen below:

SunSHINE® Spectral Family

A family of high chroma effect pigments available in interference and metallic effects deliver intense and clean colour based on synthetic mica, created by a unique deposition process that creates superior clarity, lustre, and chroma. Particle size range of 5-35 μm delivers a luminous to shimmering effect.

There are over 100 effect pigments in the SunSHINE® product line (with a particle size ranging from 1 to >700µm).

This range excels when it comes to its radiant and glowing effects. Below, you can find our top two recommendations for achieving an instant glow effect in skincare products:

SunSHINE® Pink Champagne C83-4215 – (INCI: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Iron Oxide)

A unique rose gold, combining the lustre and clarity of synthetic mica with the chromaticity of absorption colour. Perfect for achieving the trendy, glowy rose gold make-up look, it is suitable for all types of skin tones and applications. 

Particle size distribution: 9-45 µm.

SunSHINE® Soft Beige C83-4004 – (INCI: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Iron Oxide)

An ultrafine pearl that enables a subtle, natural/nude makeup look with velvet/satin effects, providing a radiant appearance and minimising skin surface imperfections. This material is suitable for all types of complexions.

Particle size distribution: 1-15 µm.


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