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Discover Our UV Protection Range

According to forecasts, the global suncare market is expected to experience significant growth in the next three years. This surge can be mainly attributed to the growing awareness concerning the risks of skin cancer and skin ageing caused by UV rays. We are proud to share our range of UV filter ingredients for your products’ […]

Cosphaderm® Pentiol Natural – Pentylene Glycol Supply Amidst Shortage

As you may know, the global supply of pentylene glycol has recently faced unprecedented challenges. A combination of factors, including increased demand from various industries and disruptions in the supply chain, has led to a shortage of this ingredient. Companies have been grappling with scarcity, which has impacted their product development, production processes, and overall operations. However, […]

Oleon Jolee 7777 – A Novel Optimised Emulsifier Blend

Jolee 7777 is an optimised emulsifier blend which enables the formulation of W/O/W (water-in-oil-in-water) emulsions in just one step through a direct emulsification process. This combination allows for a sensorial change during application: the initial O/W emulsion offers a light sensory, followed by the nourishing finish known from W/O emulsions. Multiple emulsions with high stability […]