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Traceable Treasures by Lipoid Kosmetik – A Collection of Persuasive Sourcing Stories

As part of Lipoid Kosmetik’s sophisticated and growing portfolio, ProTec Ingredia offer their ‘Traceable Treasures’, an assortment of raw materials that can be traced back to a specific local source. These products combine their full-spectrum, mild extraction technology, with a raw material origin story to provide the highest sustainable quality for skincare and haircare ingredients. We are […]

Webinar: Oleon’s Vegetable-based Film-forming Emollient With Unique Cushioning Touch

Our friends over at Oleon will share their latest innovation in a webinar, Radiastar 1436. Register now to discover in-depth insights into the performance, applications, and features or Radiastar 1436. Following the webinar, you will have the opportunity to request a sample. 04/06/2024: Morning Session (9.30AM CET) 04/06/2024: Afternoon Session (4PM CET) If you would like to […]

A Look At ProTec Botanica’s Sandalwood Oil East Indian

Sandalwood oil from East India, particularly harvested in regions like Mysore and Karnataka, carries profound cultural significance. Derived from the heartwood of Santalum trees, its slender branches and elliptical leaves contribute to its distinctive appearance. The aromatic essence of sandalwood oil is extracted through meticulous distillation and is renowned for its warm, woody fragrance. This […]

Discover ProTec Botanica’s Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens Leaf Oil) is native to the Nepalese Himalaya and occurs naturally in the hilly belt south of the mountain range at an altitude of 1600-3000m. With its active component being methyl salicylate, it is renowned for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Commonly used in traditional medicine and aromatherapy, it may help alleviate […]

Peptide EU Patent Expiration

Winkey Peptides have capitalised on the expiration of certain molecular patents by recreating their formulations, allowing them to provide a more competitive price than the original suppliers, with no difference in the chemical composition, quality, or concentrations. This applies to formulations containing any of the following, either exclusively or in combination: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 […]

Your Invitation to Cargill Jojoba Promise™ Distributor Webinar

ProTec Ingredia is pleased to invite you to an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, March 27th, from 15:00 to 16:00 (CET), hosted by our partner, Cargill, who will be uncovering their latest initiative, the Cargill Jojoba Promise™.  The Cargill Jojoba Promise™ is an innovative sustainable sourcing programme designed to enhance the sustainability of jojoba cultivation on […]

REGETASTE – Award-Winning Upcycled Anti-Ageing Skincare by CODIF

We are thrilled to share CODIF’s latest active ingredient, REGETASTE, with our customers.Take a look at our highlights below of this award-winning upcycled ingredient from organic apples from Brittany and about how REGETASTE can be used in formulations in the document below. Download: Example Formulation With REGETASTE (PDF) If you would like to start a conversation […]

Nixalin – Now COSMOS-Approved

We are pleased to announce that NIXALIN™ from Terlys is COSMOS-approved. We understand the signifcance this has to our customers and the consumer so it is something that we have been keen about for as long as we have worked with Terlys. This was achieved by adapting their already astonishing extraction process. NIXALIN™ is rich […]

A Look at Lemon Tea Tree Oil

We’re proud to supply a range of ProTec Botanica’s essential oils, notably, in this segment, their lemon tea tree oil. Obtained from the leaves of the lemon tea tree, the oil’s versatility offers fragrance and pharmaceutical benefits in many applications, its characteristics making it an essential ingredient worldwide: Antimicrobial Properties Its effective antibacterial properties make it a […]

Winkey Natural Peptides Showcase

Winkey is committed to providing high-quality peptides with a high natural origin content. Their products have various functions, including anti-ageing, repairing damaged skin, whitening, brightening and firming the skin.Winkey Peptide Research Institute is China’s first government-certified peptide research institute for skincare. ProTec Ingredia is happy to provide Winkey’s products as part of our growing portfolio. […]