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ArEAUmat Samphira G

ArEAUmats are aqueous extracts of seaside plants that are high in specific aromatic compounds. ArEAUmats are proven to stimulate the release of beta-endorphins within keratinocytes. They are suitable for use across skincare and suncare applications. Numerous studies have been performed, including the soothing/cooling benefits on skin post-depilation. ArEAUmat Samphira provides anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and coolness effects. Samphira has also been shown to boost the efficacy of slimming products and inhibit adipocyte differentiation (anti-cellulite). ArEAUmat Samphira G is ECOCERT certified INCI: Crithmum maritimum Grades available: ArEAUmat Samphira G: Unpreserved (50% Glycerine)