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Cetpro L-Glutathione

Cetpro L-Glutathione acts as an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger and a skin whitening agent and is therefore an ideal candidate for anti-ageing skincare creams and emulsions. It is readily soluble in water.

Cetpro L-Glutathione has remarkable antioxidant properties, it has also been discovered that glutathione has antimelanogenic properties which means that it has the ability to inhibit the melanin-producing enzyme, tyrosinase. Glutathione can reduce tyrosinase activity in three different ways:

  1. Tyrosinase is directly inhibited through binding of the copper side by the thiol group.
  2. Glutathione interferes with the cellular transfer of tyrosinase to the prerequisite for melanin synthesis called premelanosomes.
  3. Tyrosinase inhibition is affected indirectly due to the antioxidant effect of glutathione.

INCI: Glutathione