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Concentre Coralline

Concentre Coralline is an extract of the calcified seaweed Corallina Officinalis. Thif multifunctional active ingredient offers anti-ageing and skin structure benefits.

Efficacy testing has shown Concentre Coralline increases cellular cohesion and cellular oxygenation. It has also been shown to decrease skin redness and microcirculation.

Other activity includes inhibition of adipocyte differentiation and stimulation of collagen synthesis.

Concentre Coralline G is ECOCERT certified

INCI: Aqua (and) Corallina officinalis

Grades Available:
Concentre Coralline G: Aqua (and) Corallina officinalis (and) Glycerin
Concentre Coralline P: Aqua (and) Corallina officinalis (and) Phenoxyethanol