Reboots The Physical And Chemical Barrier Of The Skin

Epidermist is an exopolysaccharide, produced and secreted by marine plankton, isolated from Brittany coast (France), to provide protection, nutrition or adhesion to other supports.

This high molecular weight polymer is mainly composed of galactose and N-acetyl glucosamine and has no land based equivalent. It stimulates antimicrobial peptides and proteins of the epidermal differentiation complex by regulating genes expression. It improves significantly epidermal renewal after 3 days (in-vivo study on 17 volunteers).

 Epidermist 4.0 PA is ECOCERT certified

INCI: Aqua, Saccharide Isomerate

Grades available:
Epidermist P1.5: preserved with Phenoxyethanol
Epidermist 4.0 PA: preserved with Phenethyl alcohol