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Lakesis is an oil obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction from crystal drops collected on Pistacia lentiscus, a tree which is native to the island of Chios (Greece). The resinous sap produced by this tree forms drops as it falls to the ground.

Once solidified, these drops take on a crystalline shape and are known as ‘crystal tears’.

Lakesis increases the synthesis of two youth proteins: KLOTHO and FOXO.

Codif’s laboratories have shown that its rate of Klotho expression is directly linked to the age of human fibroblasts. The decrease in Klotho expression starts in the early stage of skin ageing (30s) and continues to decrease with ageing. Increasing Klothosynthesis in the fibroblasts thus represents a new strategy to combat skin ageing.

After treatment with Lakesis, 54-year-old fibroblasts express the same amount of Klotho as 37-year-old fibroblasts. And 37-year-old fibroblasts express the same amount of Klotho as 28-year-old fibroblasts.

Use of a 3D dermis model show that Lakesis reactivates the synthesis of supporting fibres. Clinical trials demonstrated aredensification of the dermis as well as a lifting action on the contours of the oval face. Skin seemed younger and thicker. Facial contours appeared to be redrawn.

* “54 year old fibroblasts recover characteristics of 37 year old fibroblasts.”
* Cellular detoxification processes are reactivated.
* Cellular activity is increased.
* The dermis is redensified with fibrillin and collagen fibres.
* Skin looks younger, thicker and facial contours appear to be redrawn.

Lakesis is ECOCERT certified

INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pistacia Lentiscus (Mastic) Gum