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Yoghurt, as a probiotic food, is a success – it is healthy, it is nutritious, it is tasty. These positive consumer associations are the perfect starting point for developing cosmetic concepts.

Lipoid Kosmetik has rediscovered yoghurt’s beneficial properties for the treatment of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is characterised by reduced skin microbiome, dryness and irritation. The solution for sensitive skin is Lipoid Kosmetik’s Yogurtolin®, a natural prebiotic ferment derived from Swiss milk. The formula reinforces the skin’s microbial barrier by creating an environment for a balanced skin microbiome, hence, is certified as ‘Microbiome friendly’ for protecting the microbial balance and diversity of the skin.

Taken together, Yogurtolin® is a powerful natural concentrate best suited for treating sensitive skin by restoring the microbial and physical skin barrier while adding a sensation of instant refreshment and cooling to irritated skin which is in line with pre-existing, positive consumer associations of yoghurt.

Lipoid Kosmetik’s Yogurtolin® shows the following properties: 

•    Prebiotic functionality
•    Strengthening and regeneration of the skin barrier
•    Calming and soothing of sensitive skin
•    Instant sensation of skin refreshment


INCI: Yogurt Powder or Yogurt