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Zano® Range

The Zano® portfolio consists of three different grades of zinc oxide powders that each have been designed to exhibit distinct tailored performance in UVB, UVA and transparency. As such, there is a Zano® grade that will cover the specific performance needs in designing sunscreen performance. Each Zano® product is available in uncoated pure form and a triethoxycaprylyl silane surface treated version.

• Zano® 10 & Zano® 10 Plus
Offering balanced protection in UVB, UVA and transparency

• Zano® 20 & Zano® 20 Plus
Offering the highest levels of transparency

• Zano® M & Zano® M Plus
Offering the highest levels of UVA protection

• Xperse®
Various dispersions of Zano® and Zano® Plus powders