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Working Through The Coronavirus (Covid-19)



We are all facing an unprecedented period of uncertainty in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It is therefore important for us to provide our customers and partners with an update on our position with respect of being able to continue to support and supply them. We have been keeping a close eye on the current pandemic and the UK Government advice on containing it’s spread. The safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, now more than ever, is of the utmost importance to us and we will therefore be guided by the Government’s advice on how to keep them safe and well. As such, we have given all of our staff the capability to operate from home and, from close of business this evening, they will begin to do so, until such time as the guidance is for them to be able to safely return to the office. All of our key operational and communication systems are either cloud based or are accessible remotely to our staff and were fully tested yesterday to ensure that the system was able to cope.

We use a third party warehouse and external hauliers for our logistical requirements and we are in daily contact with them regarding their contingency planning and ability to remain open during this time. They have put in place additional hygiene and safety requirements, to mitigate the risk to their employees. At present, all of our regular UK hauliers are continuing as normal at depot and hub level, and there has been no notification of closures. We are confident that both our warehouse and hauliers will be able to continue to operate, but, of course, this cannot be fully guaranteed. We do not know how severe the situation will become or whether legislation will be invoked forcing them to suspend operations for a certain length of time.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update you with any further changes we make to our approach. In the meantime, we appreciate the resilience and continuing efforts of all of our colleagues, vendors and partners to best navigate these unique circumstances. As a business with many years’ experience, we are now and have always been ready to adapt to the changing world around us, and, although the current situation is definitely unprecedented, we are absolutely confident that the measures we are putting in place now will ensure that we and our business will continue to work for you with the minimum amount of disruption.

From all of us at ProTec Ingredia, please take care, look after yourselves and stay well. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require anything further.

Kind Regards
Alan Eastwood

Managing Director