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Tried & Tested Hand Sanitiser Formulations



We are fully aware that many of you are repurposing your manufacturing facilities to develop hand sanitiser for your local communities and health care providers. 

We have put together a selection of formulations from our partners, including a guide from Floratech which has already been put through a full 12 weeks of stability, which essentially makes it ready to go. 

Please get in touch if we can help with your formulations or if you require anymore information on the below formulations. 

This light and fresh hand sanitiser with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba is formulated to leave skin feeling hydrated without a tacky residue. The formula contains a high amount of ethanol (70%) to sanitise the hands while the unique synergy of Floraesters K-20W Jojoba and glycerin moisturises the skin.

>> Download the formulation

Hand sanitiser with 70%+ alcohol levels whilst also featuring Naturebead Cocoa C20 .

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Hand sanitiser with 60% alcohol levels. This crystal clear gel provides moisture and hand sanitisation with a light, fresh feel and low residual tack.

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Developed by ProTec Ingredia, this high alcohol level hand sanitiser leaves hands clean, provides moisture with a fresh feel. 

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