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Sunscreens made Better with Floraesters K20W Jojoba and Floramac 10



Sunscreens Made Better with Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba and Floramac® Mac 10 is the newest chapter in the Floratech Product Functions series.  Floratech clinical and consumer preference data confirm these two Floratech ingredients greatly enhance the performance and consumer experience with mineral sunscreens and sunless tanners.

Sunless tanners are increasing in popularity as consumers seek the appearance of tan skin without excessive exposure to UVA and UBA radiation which can damage skin.  Also, some popular synthetic sunscreens are banned in countries and states bordering sensitive marine ecosystems and natural coral reefs, requiring more sunscreen formulas to use mineral actives. 

Mineral sunscreens and sunless tanners have some inherent negative performance characteristics, but study results show how Floratech ingredients can mitigate these negative characteristics.  This Product Functions presents data showing how Floratech ingredients improve the consumer experience with mineral sunscreens and sunless tanners by:

  • Improving Titanium Dioxide Dispersion
  • Boosting Sunscreen SPF of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
  • Improving Consumer Preference of Mineral Sunscreens
  • Improving Water Resistance of Mineral Sunscreens keeping SPF higher
  • Improving Hydration of Sunless Tanners
  • Reducing Odor of Sunless Tanners 
  • Improving Evenness of Tan of Sunless Tanners
  • Improving Consumer Preference of Sunless Tanners

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