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Contipro’s Latest Launches



We are delighted to highlight to you Contripro’s most recent launches. 

HA-OIL, an oil-soluble hyaluronic acid, Zinnerine, an anti-acne zinc hexapeptide complex and Delcore + Cannabidiol, CBD encapsulated with alpha-tocopherol in hyaluronic acid-based polymeric micelles.

Contipro is one of the world’s leading producers of hyaluronic acid for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their speciality is biotechnologically manufactured hyaluronic acid. The range is complemented with uniquely designed peptides and other active compounds. Contipro products are based on extensive knowledge of skin biochemistry and broad in-vivo testing. 

The main focus of Contipro’s approach is targeted at the visible signs of ageing pictured below.

Hydrophobized hyaluronic acid dispersed in oil. Suitable for lipophilic or anhydrous products.

Key features include: 

  • Hydrophobized form helps with better skin penetration.
  • Skin calming effect.
  • Skin barrier and hydration improvement.
  • Sebum reduction.
  • Efficacy data for hair care.

To find out more about HA-OIL, click here.

Zinc hexapeptide complex with retinol-like action.

Key features include:

  • A safer alternative to retinol.
  • Efficacy similar to or better than retinol.
  • Patented preparation.
  • Sebum reduction.
  • Inhibits hyperkeratinization.
  • Antimicrobial activity (Cutibacterium acnes).
  • Anti-acne and anti-ageing efficacy. 

To find out more about Zinnerine, click here.

Delcore + Cannabidiol
CBD encapsulated with α-tocopherol in hyaluronic acid-based polymeric micelle.​​​

Key features include:

  • Penetrates deep into the dermis.
  • Enables dissolution of encapsulated hydrophobic compounds in water.
  • Skin calming effect.
  • Reduces erythema.

To find out more about Delcore + Cannabidiol, click here.

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