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Innovacos: Cold Process with PolyAquol™



We are delighted to share Innovacos’ cold process emulsifiers. PolyAquol™ are cost-effective, highly efficacious emulsifiers for both O/W and W/O systems. Cold process is an option for both emulsion types.

With energy prices increasing, cold process formulations have never been more sought-after and important to the personal care industry. Not only are they a more cost-effective alternative, but they are also more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Please find our interactive formulation brochure towards the bottom of this email, which showcases Innovacos’ cold process formulations. 

W/O Natural Emulsifier 

Key features: 

  • Creates W/O emulsions with a very light texture and pleasant skin feel.
  • Compatible with oils of various polarity and chemistry.
  • Perfectly suited for sunscreen and makeup formulations containing powders, pigments, and silicones.
  • Ecocert and COSMOS approved.

Click here to watch the video.

W/O Fusion 

Key features: 

  • Creates Water-and-Oil Fusion emulsions; W+O.
  • The W+O technology is based on the synergistic interactions between polyglyceryl derivatives of oleic acid and polyhydroxystearic acid. 
  • Suitable for emulsions containing only vegetable oils.
  • Easy to use, pourable liquid.  
  • Allows for formulations containing up to 80% as the internal water phase.
  • Creates stable emulsions when used at concentration as low as 2%
  • Ecocert and COSMOS approved.

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O/W Natural Emulsifier 

Key features: 

  • Creates O/W, highly stable, super fluid emulsions.
  • Can be incorporated into either the water phase or the oil phase, with no impact on product stability.
  • Suitable for “one-pot” emulsions and low-energy processes that avoid the need for heat or homogenisation.
  • PolyAquol™-LW outperforms other polyglyceryl emulsifiers in both product stability and sensorial appeal.
  • Ecocert and COSMOS approved.

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Although this formulation is not cold process, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate Innovacos’ award winning Oil to Milk cleanser with PolyAquol™ 2W.

Spotlight On Formulation Award – Silver Award!

O/W Natural Emulsifier 

  • Creates highly organised liquid crystals emulsions, for enhanced product stability and skin compatibility.
  • Clinically, PolyAquol™-2W has shown to prevent and repair damage to the skin barrier, caused by UV exposure.
  • Studies conducted on skin microbiota demonstrated that PolyAquol™-2W selectively preserves and restores the cutaneous microflora.
  • Ecocert and COSMOS approved.

Click here to download the formulation.

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