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Sun Chemical: Change in Distribution



We are delighted to announce that as of the 1st of February 2023, ProTec Ingredia are now the UK & Ireland distributor of all of Sun Chemical’s colour and effects lines.
Take a look below to see the ranges we have added to our portfolio!

Effect Pigments Based on Natural Mica

Sun Chemical’s natural mica range is produced in the USA, allowing for full transparency, making it an ethical and environmentally conscious mica source.

Absorption effects, providing intense colour and shimmer.

Intense metallic-like effect pigments based on natural mica.

A dynamic collection of metallic-like effect pigments, with a unique interplay between background and highlight colours, producing a distinctive two-toned look.

Interference effect pigments, ranging in particle size, colour and intensity.

Vibrant metallic-like effect pigments inspired by gemstones.

A wide range of effects, with different particle sizes and finishes, from satin to glittering and everything in between.

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Effect Pigments Based on Synthetic Fluorphlogopite

Synthetic Mica delivers a pure white substrate that creates bright, clean colours and effects, making it ideal for use in colour cosmetics and skin care formulations.

We are pleased to add the Chione™ line to the INTENZA® and SunSHINE® portfolio.

A range of particle sizes and coatings to create a variety of effect pigments allowing for the creation of all types of formulations.

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Effect Pigments Based on Borosilicate

​​​​​​Calcium Sodium Borosilicate is derived from glass flake, creating sparkling and glitter effects. Borosilicate is considered a natural substrate, and several products are available with COSMOS approval and natural certifications.

Delivers a dazzling sparkling and glittery rainbow of colours suitable for cosmetics and personal care applications. Interference, colour travel, metallic, blackened and absorption effects are possible within the Reflecks™ range.

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Effect Pigments Based on Bismuth Oxychloride

Sun Chemical grows bismuth crystals in the USA. Suitable for use as performance minerals and effect pigments, they have a soft feel when added to formulations and can deliver metallic effects.

Delivers highly reflective, high coverage metallic effects, available in a crystal form for ease of use.

Absorption-type effect pigment that combines bismuth crystals and natural mica platelets, blended together with iron oxides and/or organic colourants.

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If you have any questions about anything you have seen or would like to request a sample, please do get in touch.

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