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A Look at Our New Emollients




Explore our emollients and humectants that will help to elevate your skincare products and are aligned with all key market trends.


​​Feel-Good Emollients

CocoaDesign™ S – A cocoa-derived emollient that energises the skin. Its buttery texture provides a cushiony feel and  cocooning sensation.

Example Formulation: Truly Cooling Eye Serum 

CocoaDesign™ L – CocoaDesign L is a silky, smooth liquid with a light texture that provides a pleasurable, relaxing sensation and broad versatility for various applications.

Example Formulation: Ruby Cocoa-Cube Face Cream

innollient™ SB – A soft dermo-emollient with an estolide structure. It gives a more nourishing and long-lasting effect than shea butter.

​​​Example Formulation: Cuddling Hand Mask



Silicone Wax Alternative

BotaniButter – An ideal alternative to Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane. This botanical creamy wax has a silky-soft and elegant skin feel. It can reduce redness as well!

Example Formulation: ​​​Lightly Luscious Facial Lotion



Multifunctional Humectant

Cosphaderm® Absolute – Humectant active blend that improves skin barrier function while simultaneously reducing the water activity of cosmetic formulations. 

Example Formulation: Happy Barrier Crea



Go-to Emollient for Rinse-Off Formulations

It’s not a new ingredient, but it’s one we love, and you should try it! 

Floraesters K-20W® – A lightweight emollient that has a synergistic effect with glycerin. It extends the hydration of glycols which can boost moisturisation for up to 24 hours.

Example Formulation: Silicone-Free, Ultra Conditioning Shampoo