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Jolee 7202 and Jolee 7750 – Oleon’s Silicone-Like Alternatives



This week we would like to highlight Oleon’s low viscosity silicone-like emollients, Jolee 7202 and Jolee 7750, fully based on renewable sources such as rapeseed, palm kernel oil, wheat, and castor oil.  

Jolee 7202 – Propylene glycol diheptanoate (COSMOS)

Jolee 7202 is a natural emollient with silicone-like sensorial properties. The excellent spread, absorption and unique lightness are typical for Jolee 7202. This silicone alternative is experienced as slightly oily upon application, finishing with a unique powdery after-feel. Jolee 7202 is a readily biodegradable product suitable for both cold or hot processes. It is ideal to use in various applications such as skin care, suncare, hair care and colour cosmetics.

Jolee 7750 – Isoamyl Iaurate (COSMOS)

Jolee 7750 is produced from fusel oil, a by-product in the bioethanol industry. Built from fully natural building blocks via esterification,​​​ this silicone alternative​​​​​​ ​​​​​results into a readily biodegradable emollient. It’s a very light ester that is easily absorbed without leaving any residual shine or greasiness on the skin. It also has efficient hair detangling properties and excellent pigment-dispersing power. This polar oil is suitable for cold or hot processes and has perfect qualities for skin care, hair care and colour cosmetics.

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