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SunPURO® Naturals for Conscious Colour and Purposeful Products



Sun Chemical’s newest line of SunPURO® Naturals offers conscious colour and purposeful products designed to meet the consumers’ need for natural and clean beauty. Responsibly sourced plant-derived ingredients and colourants that improve the naturality and function of cosmetics and personal care formulas. 

SunPURO®  Natural Vegetable Black – [INCI: Glucose (and) CI 77268:1 (and) Water (and) Potassium Hydroxide]

SunPURO®  Natural Vegetable Black is derived from 100% upcycled coconut shell waste. It is a natural, plant-derived alternative to petroleum or animal-based Carbon black, making it ideal for skin and personal care products especially for detoxification and oil absorption claims. It is a highly stable dispersion and provides a more intense black colour than black iron oxide.

SunPURO® Natural Coconut  [INCI: Water (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil (and) Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate (and) Sucrose (and) Citric Acid (and) Olea Europea Fruit (Olive) oil (and) Beta-carotene (and) Alpha tocopherol]

SunPURO® Natural Coconut, offers opacifying effects ideal for aqueous personal care formulations. SunPURO® Natural Coconut is a natural and milky opacifier which is responsibly sourced from a founding member of the Sustainable Coconut Charter. They aim to improve traceability and farmer livelihood whilst also preventing deforestation. It is comprised of a mix of Beta-Carotene, oils, starch, and glucose to produce a milky opacifying agent suitable for numerous personal care formulas without unnecessary fillers. 

These innovative ingredients enhance the performance of cosmetic and personal care products and align seamlessly with the growing demand for natural and sustainable formulations.

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