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Innovacos: Activoil Echnidium ZRO for Skin Barrier Function



We are excited to tell you that an article about Activoil Echnidium ZRO was issued in the November 2021 edition of Personal Care Magazine. The article focuses on the importance of the Skin Barrier concerning new global hygiene habits.

A short extract of the article reads:

“As a compromised skin barrier is also a source of pathogen access, restoring the skin barrier function is just as important as disinfecting the skin. Activoil Echnidium ZRO represents a natural defence for the skin from the aggressiveness of both alcohol-based sanitisers and strong personal cleansing products.

New norms of hygiene, such as the routine use of hand sanitisers and frequent hand-washing, will continue beyond the Covid-19 era. It is essential to find solutions for cleansing and sanitising the skin while maintaining its main function as a barrier to external agents, including pathogens.

Chemical agents, contained in hand sanitisers and personal cleansing products, can affect the top layers of the stratum corneum, disrupting the lipid matrix of the skin barrier and causing an excessive trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). They can also penetrate deeper into the skin, interacting with living cells and initiating an inflammatory reaction, ultimately leading to skin erythema.

Activoil Echnidium ZRO has shown a way to counteract these negative effects.

It can be added directly to hygiene products, such as alcohol-based hand sanitisers and personal cleansing products, or it can be used in moisturising treatments with both protective and therapeutic functions against chemical stress.

If added to a formulation containing 70% of ethanol, Activoil Echnidium ZRO not only succeeded in preventing the dry skin caused by alcohol, but also improved skin moisturisation and protected skin barrier function.

Its clinical action also extends to its ability to reduce the aggressiveness of surfactant agents.”

To view the full article, please find below a downloadable version below: 

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