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What’s new this Spring? 🌼

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to take a look at what our partners have been up to so far this year with their new launches, data and other exciting points of interest! Click the button at the end of this email to see everything new from our partners, and if you have any […]

CODIF Technologie Naturelle: J-Dermist – NEW Active Ingredient!

CODIF Technologie Naturelle have launched their NEW anti-gravity active ingredient, J-Dermist. J-Dermist is an active ingredient obtained from the plant Isodon japonicus, also called Enmei-so, meaning “the plant that prolongs life.” J-Dermist rejuvenates the dermal-epidermal junction, smooths skin texture, redensifies the dermis, decreases wrinkles and counteracts gravity. X-Polar technology was used to measure the quantity of collagen fibres and […]

in-cosmetics global 2023: What’s new from our partners?

Welcome to our in-cosmetics global 2023 preview. Spring is almost in the air, as is in-cosmetics global. Below is a preview of our exciting launches and new ingredients information. We are exhibiting in Barcelona on Stand L11 and are sharing the space with our sister company ProTec Botanica. Please feel free to pop by and see David, Andy and Dean. Our sales […]

CODIF Technologie Naturelle – Hydranov Relaunch: Hydration for Everyone, Everywhere!

CODIF have relaunched their universal moisturiser Hydranov with new studies and data. Hydranov is extracted from Furcellaria lumbricalis, a red seaweed rich in furcellarans that grows in the Baltic sea. The furcellaran is depolymerised by Codif’s patented process to obtain Hydranov, which demonstrates similar physical properties to hyaluronic acid.   New Study Hydranov provides skin hydration and […]

Innovacos Actives: New Data!

We are delighted to present to you new data from Innovacos. Today we will be highlighting: ​​​​​​GinsenoLite™-GGinsenoLite™-G is an extract of Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) rich in bioactive components ginsenosides. Ginsenosides have a structure similar to that of plant polyphenols which are the plant’s defence mechanism.  GinsenoLite™-G prevents skin melanocytes from producing and accumulating melanin pigments […]

Oat Cosmetics – NEW Data for aurafirm N!

We are thrilled to share Oat Cosmetics’ new in-vivo studies for aurafirm N, with results showing that aurafirm N improves skin firmness and plumpness.   Oat Cosmetics specialises in advancing oat technology. They bring exciting, natural, organic oat materials to incorporate into your cosmetic formulations. They offer exceptional ingredients, backed by science and supported by technical advice.  aurafirm N is a fermented oat active designed to rebalance the skin microbiome […]

Oat Cosmetics – New Scalp Microbiome Data for Glucaveen!

We are excited to share new microbiome data for Oat Cosmetics’ hair active, Glucaveen. Glucaveen is a powerful and unique oat active designed for healthier hair. The oat powder is characterised by a rich profile of hydrating beta-glucans, protective starches and moisturising amino acids. NEW DATA A study was performed using 1% Glucaveen to analyse […]


As part of CODIF’s celebrations for the 10th anniversary of their EPS range, we’re pleased to present their new data for EPS SEAMAT. EPS SEAMATImmediate Mattifying – Oily skin regulator Obtained from marine ExoPolySaccharides, produced by a micro-organism isolated from the Aber Wrac’h (Brittany, France), EPS SEAMAT instantly absorbs sebum and mattifies the skin. It […]


As part of CODIF’s celebrations for the 10th anniversary of their EPS range, we’re pleased to present their new data for EPS SEAFILL.  EPS SEAFILL A marine POST BIOTIC, hyaluronic acid-like action filler. EPS SEAFILL is a POST BIOTIC obtained from marine ExoPolySaccharides produced by a micro-organism isolated in the Rade of Brest (Brittany, France). It acts on the […]

EPS White: New Data

As part of CODIF’s celebrations for the 10th anniversary of their EPS range, we’re pleased to present their new EPS White data. You can find more information and the EPS White video below.  EPS WHITE: Melanoregulator – Exposome Protection Obtained from hybridisation of two marine ExoPolySaccharides produced by two micro-organisms isolated from the Aber Wrac’h and Aber Benoit […]