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Jolee 7202 and Jolee 7750 – Oleon’s Silicone-Like Alternatives

This week we would like to highlight Oleon’s low viscosity silicone-like emollients, Jolee 7202 and Jolee 7750, fully based on renewable sources such as rapeseed, palm kernel oil, wheat, and castor oil.   Jolee 7202 – Propylene glycol diheptanoate (COSMOS) Jolee 7202 is a natural emollient with silicone-like sensorial properties. The excellent spread, absorption and unique […]

A Look at Our New Emollients

Explore our emollients and humectants that will help to elevate your skincare products and are aligned with all key market trends. ​​Feel-Good Emollients CocoaDesign™ S – A cocoa-derived emollient that energises the skin. Its buttery texture provides a cushiony feel and  cocooning sensation. Example Formulation: Truly Cooling Eye Serum  CocoaDesign™ L – CocoaDesign L is a silky, smooth liquid with a light texture that provides a pleasurable, […]

LIPOID Liposome C Eco

We’re excited to share information on LIPOID Liposome C Eco.  LIPOID Liposome C Eco is an innovative, COSMOS-approved, natural product which combines the cosmetic benefits of ascorbyl glucoside with the excellent skin penetrating and rejuvenating properties of phospholipids and liposomes.  The product underwent in-vivo testing, showcasing remarkable age spot brightening effects after 28 and 56 days, along […]

Nixalin: Natural support for weakened skin control

We are pleased to announce updated details concerning Nixalin. Recent studies and testing have demonstrated that it can now endorse a 0.5% concentration for sustained protective effectiveness. How can Nixalin be used?  Protective action 0.5 > 1% – Lip Balm – Enhanced Makeup – Day cream for normal skin– Night Cream Regenerative action 1 > 2% – Day/Night cream […]

Indian Mint Oils

In support of our sister company ProTec Botanica, we are pleased to share their update on this year’s mint harvest and further information about mint oils. Mint’s versatility offers fragrance and flavour in many applications, its characteristics making it a core ingredient for perfumers and flavour teams globally.  Personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and […]

Oat Cosmetics – New Data Oat Lipid e

We are happy to share Oat Cosmetics’ exciting new data for Oat Lipid e.  The wonderful Research and Development team at Oat Cosmetics have discovered versatile skin and haircare results that showcase this ingredient’s effective offering.  The new studies include oxidative stability, non-comedogenicity, ceramide protection, and hair shine. This demonstrates how Oat Lipid e protects ceramide degradation from […]

MPI’s SPF Boosting Powders

We’re excited to be showcasing Micro Powders Inc SPF Boosters.  If you’re looking to boost your SPF naturally, Micro Powders’ have sustainably sourced and bio degradable ingredients that are multi-functional and achieve more for less. Please see the attachment below for more information.  FROM UPCYCLED RICE Naturesoft 860RIrregular upcycled ultrafine rice bran wax powderOil binder […]